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At V Live General Services, we understand the challenge of picking up the pieces after a storm.

When a storm strikes a town, it can be a challenging and emotional time.  We do understand the need to get your life back to normal.  Part of doing that is returning homes and businesses to their pre-storm condition.  At V Live, we are here to guide you through the whole process.

We climb so you don't have to

Most people don't feel comfortable climbing up a roof, especially one potentially damaged by wind or hail.  That's why we're happy to go up for you.  We even go one step further, and bring your roof down to you.  We shoot HD video or Pictures of our inspection per request, then show you every detail we've gone over so you have a full understanding of what exactly your insurance company and your restoration company are looking at.

What should you do when a storm hits?

  • First, take cover!  Get off the road if you're driving and to a safe, covered place.  Stay away from skylights and glass doors to avoid broken glass.  Hail storms usually only last about 15 minutes, usually less, but the damage they leave behind can be tremendous.

  • When it's over, call V Live at 317-519-5769

  • We can provide Emergency Services like tarps to prevent further damage.

  • Call your insurance company.  We can help you with your claim as well as your home repair.  When you set a date and time with your insurance company to inspect the damage, let us know so we can be there to work with your adjuster, making sure he or she sees all the damage to your property.

  • After that, we'll get started on the repairs or replacement to your damaged property.  We're certified general contractors, which means we can take care of not only your roof, but you siding, gutters, windows, and more.

Again, if you need help getting your roof damage repaired or replaced, call us at 1-317-519-5769

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Thank you in advance for choosing V Live General Services.  We take this responsibility as seriously as you do, and we look forward to working with you to get things back to normal.

All insurance companies listed above are for informational purposes only.

V Live General Services in Indiana is in no way endorsed or affiliated with these companies.

Roofing and Siding Restoration
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